These feelings they are unexplainable 

This feeling I never felt, it was untouchable 

You came into my life it was unexpected

I asked you for your number, I hope I wouldn’t get rejected

First thing I notice was that beautiful smile

I knew this was going to be hard, difficult it would take me a while

Then we hung out, I never knew how close things would get

 I look forward to seeing you everyday, you’re like a sunset 

You are my world, my everything

I just hope I’m yours, your everything

This is beautiful that we have each other 

What makes it beautiful is that we are together 

I’m willing to take what ever challenges you give me

Because at the and of the day, you’ll always be on my mind, that’s how it will always be

These feelings I express, I don’t do it very often like this

But since you are special, I only do it for my one and only princess

Brenda, you are one of the best things that has ever happen to me

I hope these words will mean something to you as I set them free

You keep me smiling like no other

Brenda you are magnificent I hope things will be like this forever 

I’m willing to do whatever for you, the list will keep going on

As long as I get to see that one smile, It is something I fell upon 

Brenda Perez you are all and everything I’ve ever wanted.



TSX on deck!

Thats me!


TSX on deck!

Thats me!


Adam’s TSX. Team Diverse.



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